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Navicular Scaphoid Fracture of the Wrist Cigna.

Navicular Fractures. The most common types of navicular fractures seen in athletics are dorsal chip avulsion fractures and stress fractures. The navicular stress fracture is discussed in Chapters 3 and 4 Chapter 3 Chapter 4. Avulsion fractures from the dorsal lip are the most common type of navicular fracture. They usually are related to. If your navicular bone does not heal well, you can have long-term pain, stiffness, or arthritis in your wrist. What causes a navicular fracture? Most navicular fractures occur when you stretch your hand out in front of you to protect yourself from a fall. They can also occur when your wrist twists severely or is hit very hard. Navicular. Navicular scaphoid bone in the hand. Wrist joint. Soft tissue around the fracture site, including nerves, tendons, ligaments and blood vessels. 182 SIGNS & SYMPTOMS; Severe pain at the fracture site. Swelling of soft tissue around the fracture. Tenderness to the touch. Numbness and coldness in the hand and fingers, if the blood supply is. Navicular fracture is a common injury occurring in athletes who are involved in those sports which require forceful movements such as hurdling or playing basketball. Know the Symptoms, Causes, Treatment-Cast, Sports Massage, Rehab.

Scaphoid fractures near the thumb heal the most quickly because this portion of the bone receives the most blood supply. A doctor will typically order an arm and hand cast to set the bone properly. If the fracture is near the forearm, however, this cast will include the arm, hand, and the. Navicular Fracture A navicular fracture is a fracture of the wrist, involving the navicular, or scaphoid bone. It is not a terribly common sports injury, but does pose some interesting complications due to the navicular's shape and blood supply.

Sangeorzan Classification of Navicular Body Fractures based on plane of fracture and degree of comminution Type I: Transverse fracture of dorsal fragment that involves < 50% of bone. 23.01.2013 · Educational video describing the condition of navicular fractures. There are four types of navicular fractures: 1-Cortical avulsion Cortical avulsion fractur. Scaphoid fractures are most commonly caused by a fall onto an outstretched hand. The force of the injury leads to damage to the scaphoid bone. Scaphoid fractures are generally classified as either displaced or nondisplaced. A nondisplaced scaphoid fracture means that the bone has not shifted at all out of position, and the fracture may not even be visible on x-ray image. A displaced fracture. Zeichnung eines linken Kahnbeines der Hand mit Darstellung der Gelenkflächen. Handgelenk schematisch: A–H = Handwurzelknochen  A Kahnbein Os scaphoideum  B Mondbein Os lunatum  C Dreiecksbein Os triquetrum  D Erbsenbein Os pisiforme  E Großes Vieleckbein Os trapezium  F Kleines Vieleckbein Os trapezoideum  G Kopfbein Os capitatum  H Hakenbein.

Learn About Navicular Fracture - Sports Injury Info.

Duke Health - Navicular fracture, hand. First Name. Boyd. Last Name. Malphrus. Gender. Female. Photo. Training. Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies, Elon University North Carolina, 2017. Locations. Duke Orthopaedics of Apex. Lenox Baker Children's Hospital. Duke ID. 565 851. Board Certifications. National Comm on Certif of Physician Assistants Specialties. Discusses a break in the navicular scaphoid bone, one of the bones in the wrist. Covers causes and symptoms, such as pain, tenderness, and swelling. Discusses diagnosis using X-rays. Covers treatment with arm cast, splint, or surgery. Navicular bone fractures: Navicular bone fractures can be classified into one of four types. 5 These are simple sagittal fractures, comminuted fractures, avulsion fracture of the navicular collateral sesamoidean ligament, and avulsion fractures of the impar ligament. The etiology is always traumatic but can be predisposed by either infection or.

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